Yvetta Simonyan

PhD (London Business School)

I have taught Marketing Communications and Brand Marketing courses for the MSc and Undergraduate programs at the Birmingham Business Schoo and Marketing Analysis & Planning seminars for the Masters in Management (MiM) program at London Business School.

Before joining the PhD program at London Business School, I taught Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management and E-commerce at an undergraduate business program, founded by Texas A&M University and United States Department of Agriculture in Armenia.

Given my teaching and research expertise, I can teach
  • Marketing core courses
  • Marketing Analytics (including group simulations such as Markstrat)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Judgment and Decision Making
I have had a rigorous training in statistical computing - the R programming language is a specialty of mine - and would be happy to create courses, for instance, on data analysis, web-based experimentation, and beyond.

University of Bath School of Management London Business School Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference